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John Smoltz guarantees victory at this year's annual Hall of Fame golf tournament

Smoltz guarantees victory at HOF golf tourney

John Smoltz had a lot to brag about on Hall of Fame election day. The longtime Brave received 82.9 percent of the vote to earn entry with the Class of 2015, thanks in part to his 213 wins, 154 saves, 3,084 strikeouts (good for 16th all time), 1995 World Series championship with the Braves and 1996 Cy Young Award.

But the man knows his strengths and he wanted to talk about golf.

Smoltz -- widely known to excel in sports that aren't baseball -- has an impressive resume as far as amateur golfers are concerned. Tiger Woods once said that Smoltz was the best amateur golfer he'd ever played with.

The two have played together often and Smoltz said that he'd only need Tiger to spot him two or three strokes on either side to be competitive.

"Smoltzy? Well, I had not ever played with an amateur that had ever shot the scores he shot," Woods said of his friend, who played the longest stint of his baseball career in Atlanta. "He is a hell of an athlete. He can play basketball. Obviously he was an incredible pitcher. But I think just the way he is able to take that same tenacity into golf is amazing.

Smoltz was as humbled and honored to gain entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame as he was confident in his golf game, all but guaranteeing victory at the annual Hall of Fame golf tournament in Cooperstown.

[Tom Glavine and I] had so much fun together. We're trying to plan a trip to go overseas and golf. But, I will say this: I'm going to win the tournament this upcoming year at the Hall of Fame, so try and play hard, Glav.

Smoltz made a start on the Nationwide Tour in 2011 and has tried to qualify for the U.S. Open (he played local qualifying rounds in 2013). He's probably so freakin' good because he's a world class athlete enjoying retirement by working on his swing ... on his own backyard golf course.

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