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On Johnny Bench's birthday weekend, we remember him singing on 'Hee-Haw' in '72

Johnny Bench is a Hall of Famer. He won two MVPs, two World Series championships and was selected to 14 All-Star Games. So, in honor of his 66th birthday -- which was this past Saturday -- we could show you some great highlights from his 17-year career. But instead, we need to show you this:

What you just witnessed was Mr. Bench, circa 1972, singing some tunes on the popular '70s variety show "Hee Haw." We hope you enjoyed those green pants, the blue suspenders, that dog, the Don Zimmer doppelganger in the back right and, of course, Johnny and the Hee Haw gals.

Bench, sings

 h/t Fark