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Cut4 Spring Training Road Trip, Day 2: Tradition Field's taco in a helmet

Some of the Cut4 staff has traveled south for spring, taking shelter in beautiful sunny Florida to enjoy the sights, sounds, foods and fans of MLB's Spring Training. As we venture through the many stadia of the Grapefruit League, we'll keep you updated on what it's really like to check out 15 MLB teams, explore the backroads of the Sunshine State and watch a whole lot of baseball. Past recaps: Day 1

Today's lineup: Mets

Day 2

Team visited: Mets

Ballpark: Tradition Field

Miles driven: 72.1 miles

By Matt Monagan

After a wild Day 1, I headed a bit farther north for a Nationals-Mets game at Tradition Field. The Port St. Lucie ballpark has been the Mets' Spring home since 1988. Tradition is very Mets-centric, from the dugouts to the field logos to the garbage cans:

But as I was strolling along the concourse during the fifth inning, I came across the reason why everyone comes to Tradition Field, and perhaps, the reason why everyone comes to this part of Florida:




It's better than your average taco. It's better than your above-average taco. It's taco ... in a helmet.

And before I left for the day, I needed to go to the spot where I think Giancarlo Stanton hit his MAMMOTH home run last year. You remember the one:

Here's as far back as I could get without getting booted off the premises by security. 


I'm just inside the outfield fence of the other field (where Stanton's homer would've landed had it not hit the batter's eye). You can see that Tradition Field Pepsi sign to the left. My location is about 55-60 feet from the spot where it left the main field (around 380-390 ft). My rough, mathematically-inadequate calculation figures to be about 460-470 feet. Not 500, but still very, very far.