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Jon Lester CAN throw to first: Tosses glove with ball for the out

Jon Lester throws glove and ball to first base

The saga of Jon Lester throwing to first continues. He made his first pickoff throw in 67 starts last time out, leading to an error/planned play for Jorge Soler to gun the runner out at third:


But Lester had a little more difficulty on Sunday against the Padres. This time, it wasn't from the stretch, though. After fielding a grounder off the bat of Clint Barmes, Lester tried to make the throw for the out. Only problem: the ball was stuck in his glove. 

Lester glove

Want another angle? Well, here you go: 

Lester glove2

But this play raises an interesting question: Are there outside forces cursing Lester to never throw over to first base? Is the southpaw battling an ancient evil that hates outs at first? Perhaps we'll never know.

After valiantly succeeding against the baseball demon, Lester was in a giving mood. Batting in the third inning, Lester dropped a foul ball into a fan's cup, so the man could heartily chug his brew. It's the coolest, trendiest thing to do this season

Cubs chug

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