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Citizens of the world, rejoice: Jon Lester's search for his first hit has finally come to an end

Lester singles off Lackey for first career hit

As of today, Jon Lester has been a Major League baseball player for 3,314 days (bless you, Internet). He's done a lot of things during that time, most of them very good -- like winning two World Series, or making three All-Star appearances, or being likened to Marilyn Monroe. But there is one thing that has eluded him, the white whale to his Captain Ahab: In 66 at-bats, Jon Lester had never recorded a hit.

His futility at the plate had taken on its own kind of beauty, a statistical void so pure that no value dared enter. Gaze upon his player page, which definitely belongs on a reddit thread:

Lester stats

But alas, the drama of "Waiting for Lester: The Existential Nothingness of Pitchers Hitting" arrived at its final act during Monday's Cardinals-Cubs game. With two on in the second, the lefty came to the plate against John Lackey and struck a blow against the abyss:

Lester single

And, along with its historical significance, Lester's hit was foretold by his family. In a bit of pre-game repartee on "Intentional Talk," the Lesters and Lackeys -- who, we should point out, are good friends -- made some bold claims about the upcoming matchup.

Lester's wife Farrah:

"Hey Lackeys, Hey John. You know you're like a brother to me, you're Uncle Lack to my kids. Just wanted to give you a little piece of advice tonight: Throw a fastball down the middle, Jon's getting his first big league hit, his first home run. I'm going to go wild, the stands are going to go wild, your wife is even going to go wild. It's going to be awesome."

OK, so maybe the home run prediction was a little off. But still.

Add in his struggle to conquer throwing the ball to first, and this season has been Jon Lester's Everest. 

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