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Jon Miller dances to 'Gangnam Style' as Psy's world domination tour continues

In six months, after we've accepted defeat by the hand of our "Gangnam Style" overlords, I pray that someone reads this message as a reminder of once was:

People of Earth, there once existed a world where Psy and Gangnam Style did not exist. It started off innocently with a music video uploaded onto YouTube. Next thing we knew, the clip was the most "liked" video of all-time and Psy was making guest appearances on Saturday Night Live.

Part of Psy's plan for world domination was to capture the hearts and minds of Americans by infiltrating their national pastime. The song made an appearance at Dodger Stadium, and the scheme was in motion.

It all came to a head on a Saturday night, Sept. 22, when Giants broadcaster Jon Miller gave in to temptation and joined the craze on the same night San Francisco locked up the NL West.

Miller's dance proved to be a turning point. Psy knew if he could turn Miller, he could turn anyone. And he was proven to be correct.

Life would never be the same.

-- Jeremy Moses /

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