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Jose Bautista, David Ortiz and Mike Trout among most mentioned athletes on Twitter this year

So much can happen on Twitter -- random department store employees can become famous, celebrities can share their star-studded selfies, restaurants can taunt prominent musicians and fans can interact with their favorite baseball players.

On Wednesday, Twitter shared their data of the most mentioned MLBers, and the list probably won't surprise you:

1. Jose Bautista

2. David Ortiz

3. Mike Trout

4. Miguel Cabrera

5. David Price

Bautista obviously has a very active social media presence, so his place at the top of the list seems right. Ortiz had pretty excellent Twitter game this year as well:

Trout's basically a walking trending topic, and surely moments like this blew up his timeline:


And the Tigers had a nice showing as well, with Price and Cabrera earning their mentions with an awful lot of W's -- and somersaults:


Twitter also took the time to curate some of the top tweets from some of the biggest sports moments of the year. Check it out if you want to relive the World Series or Derek Jeter's last game, among others.