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Josh Collmenter took to the Walk of Fame dressed as ... professional baseball player Josh Collmenter

L.A.'s Hollywood Boulevard has become a bit like Times Square West -- lots of tourists, lots of strange museums and, of course, lots of people in costume. So, when D-backs pitcher Josh Collmenter took Fox Sports 1's "MLB Inside the Show" on a visit to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he knew he'd need to go big to stand out among the crowd of knock-off Batmans. His solution? A cultural and athletic icon, recognizable across nations, and a man near and dear to his heart: professional baseball player Josh Collmenter.

Though he got a few shoutouts from some traveling D-backs fans, for the most part Collmenter disappeared so thoroughly into his role that he was able to mingle freely, taking pictures with unsuspecting pedestrians. But, as it is written in the texts of the ancients, real recognize real, and eventually Collmenter was able to make a few remarkable friends:

Collmenter Walk of Fame

 His power: "Throwing things very accurately." Also, "having an impressively impenetrable beard."