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Josh Donaldson's BP homer victory lap was pure, unbridled joy

Earlier on Friday night we brought you agony (of letting a souvenir ball slip through your fingers). I'm happy to report we can now bring you a scene of absolute ecstasy, courtesy of Athletics third baseman Josh Donaldson.

The A's have a tiny bullseye net set up in the outfield bleachers at Coliseum. Donaldson hit the net with a BP homer, and his and his teammates' reactions were priceless. Not only was his BP session over at once -- because really, what could possibly top that? -- Donaldson darted out of the box and bounded into hat-tossing, fist-pumping victory lap around the entire infield.

Now that he's proven he can hit it, can we make hitting the bullseye worth double runs in a real game? (But only if he repeats his BP celebration, of course.)

-- Dan Wohl /

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