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Josh Harding promotes Twin Cities sports unity, has Target Field on his mask

NHL goaltenders have a well-established tradition of ornate painted designs adorning their masks. Even though many catchers now wear hockey-style masks, they haven't followed suit aesthetically. Or rather, haven't been able to: John Buck can, but painted masks are otherwise banned in the Majors due to a licensing agreement with their manufacturer.

That doesn't mean there's nowhere you can see baseball imagery on a mask though. Minnesota Wild goalie Josh Harding, a native of Regina, Saskatchewan, has apparently adopted the Twins during his time in the Twin Cities. He's been rocking the above design, featuring Target Field on the left side, during the recently begun NHL season.

If the rules about painted catchers' masks are ever loosened in MLB, maybe we'll see Joe Mauer with a design paying tribute to the Xcel Energy Center? (Probably not since he doesn't wear a hockey-style mask anyway. But still, it would be cool.)

-- Dan Wohl /

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