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Josh Harrison, Zach Duke and others weigh in on an age-old question: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

MLBers weigh in on hot dog sandwich question

Last week, we were able to answer one of life's biggest questions: Is it the postseason yet?

But this weekend, an age-old conundrum reared its ugly head at us once again. A riddle so wrought with debates, taste tests and scientific experiments that even Reddit (EVEN REDDIT) was unable to come to a reasonable conclusion.

Is a hot dog ... a sandwich?

Rocco DeMaro over at Baseball Prospectus decided to poll the question to baseball players (seeing that baseball and hot dogs have such a long history together), and the answers were interesting. A few examples:

Josh Harrison: "If you ask somebody to go make you a sandwich, they're not gonna make you a hot dog."

Very true. I wish somebody made sandwiches for me.

Zach Duke and Brock Holt: "No, it's not a sandwich. It's a hot dog."

Simple, yet, correct.

Craig Breslow: "No ... I think there needs to be intent on the sandwich's part to close on both sides."

Mind. Blown.

Check out the rest of DeMaro's important reporting here. The responses by Mookie Betts and Tony Sanchez are reason enough.

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