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Josh Reddick dresses as The Ultimate Warrior, sprints in from the bullpen

Athletics outfielder Josh Reddick fancies himself a wrestling buff and decided to show off his knowledge and allegiance to one of WWE's all-time greats during his recent appearance on MLB Network's Intentional Talk. Reddick was slated to speak with Chris Rose and Kevin Millar and went above and beyond for the interview, dressing in full Warrior garb (bicep strings and all). He even tied a pretty little ribbon on the segment by mimicking Warrior's infamous entrance, sprinting in all the way from the bullpen for the interview.

Ultimate Warrior Entrance

Reddick Channels Ultimate Warrior

For those of you who spent your formative years doing something productive, The Ultimate Warrior was one of the greatest superstars in the history of professional wrestling. The Ultimate Warrior mesmerized fans with his energetic ring presence, often shaking the ropes and losing it on his opponents. Some of our Cut4 writers might have been so inspired by The Ultimate Warrior that they dressed up as him for Halloween and/or whenever they had to go out in public between 1991 and 1994. True story.

James Brian Hellwig (the man beyond the infamous warrior paint) recently passed away at the age of 54, shortly after being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Reddick says his gimmick was a tribute to the late superstar.

Though Reddick and Warrior may share a profound love for the "sports entertainment" industry, it's safe to say that they conduct themselves a little differently during interviews.

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