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Josh Reddick strokes teammates' beards in dugout, creates beard magic for walk-off win

A's practice weird beard magic, get walk off win

Everybody knows that the reason a person grows a beard is so he can stroke it contemplatively at tense moments, like when the bases are loaded at the bottom of the 10th inning of a 2-2 game. If you don't have your own beard, feel free to stroke someone else's. If you're Josh Reddick, specifically those of your teammates Stephen Vogt and Eric Sogard:


But wait - Reddick does have his own beard, so why would he need to stroke someone else's? Obviously the A's are working some kind of spell in which they magically combine their clutch hitting skills and use beards as a conduit to transfer that power. Need proof? Derek Norris, who got the winning hit last night, has a full, luxurious beard, through which he obviously received said power:


Basically, these three:


Equal these three:


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