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Josh Reddick uses Dumb and Dumber quote to show he's drinking the Billy Beane Kool-Aid

Reddick uses Dumb and Dumber quote for A's offseason

You've seen "Moneyball," so it's not news to you that Athletics general manager Billy Beane runs his team a little bit ... differently. The A's faltered down the stretch in 2014, but still managed to make the postseason and hand Jon Lester a four-run lead in the AL Wild Card Game. 

The Royals stormed back to win that contest and the next two series before falling short of the Giants and the Taylor Swift Curse in the World Series and -- in wake of another title for San Francisco -- Billy Beane and the other team in the Bay Area set about building for 2015 and beyond.


Though many people, including A's outfielder Josh Reddick, interpreted that "building" as "dismantling." Reddick was vocal about his confusion regarding Beane's start to the offseason, when he traded All-Stars Josh Donaldson, Jeff Samardzija, Brandon Moss and Derek Norris. 

On Saturday, Beane swapped backstop John Jaso and a pair of prospects to the Rays for Ben Zobrist and shortstop Yunel Escobar. 

Once again, the rest of the league thought Beane was rebuilding when, in fact, he was just re-tooling. Even Reddick came around, tweeting (and then deleting) a meme from a 20-year-old comedy classic indicating that he's been drinking the Billy Beane Kool-Aid.


So ... you're telling us there's a chance?! Oh, YEAH!

Kool Aid

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