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Justin Maxwell has personal fan club

In case it wasn't obvious, Drake Shrader, Chris Rico and Josh Harding have picked their favorite Astros player -- outfielder Justin Maxwell.

"He is a beast, he never misses the balls," Shrader said. "He fields them, he throws them in. He hasn't been hitting great lately, but we are still here to support him. Hopefully he will be hitting better soon."

They also have been tweeting with Maxwell, and told him they would be at the game tonight to cheer him on.

"He made a [play] Thursday night that was pretty awesome," Shrader said. "It was kind of a running and it was a back[wards] catch, and we were like 'Whoo', and then he [tipped his hat at us]."

Looks like Maxwell's cheering section is making its mark.

--Rachel Frey

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