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Justin Morneau is obsessed with No. 33 and used to eat mac 'n' cheese every day

Many ballplayers are superstitious (ahem, Turk Wendell), but few in the game today can compete with Justin Morneau and his No. 33 obsession. The Canadian first baseman originally chose to wear the number because of his childhood idols -- Larry Walker, Patrick Roy and Larry Bird, but has since arranged various aspects of his life accordance with the digits. As Mile High Sports reports:

"If I set the alarm on my phone or my clock, I'll set it for 6:33 instead of 6:30 or 6:03 (rather than 6:00)," he says. "I don't know why I do it. To other people, it doesn't seem normal, but it seems normal to me. It's one of those things that doesn't hurt anybody, so why not?"

Before Morneau went gluten-free a few years ago, the No. 33 habit even included his pregame meal ritual:

"I don't know if he still does it, (but) he would eat Easy Mac 'n Cheese every single day," Cuddyer [Morneau's Twins/Rockies teammate] explains. "Not even the real shells and cheese - no - Easy Mac before games. Definitely 162 days and during spring training, so about 200 days."

Rumor has it that Morneau cooked Easy Mac for 3:33 and removed the bowl with exactly 0:03 left on the timer.

Check out the full story, including details on Larry Walker's own 33 obsession, over at Mile High Sports.

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