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Justin Timberlake knows he made it because he's Alex Gordon's walk-up song

You could say that Justin Timberlake has had a mildly successful career as an entertainer. Platinum record on platinum record, nine Grammys, four Emmys, five turns as the host of SNL, 16 feature films, two memes and a Tonight Show residency, not to mention his HBO special and the litany of tours he's sold out. But, it wasn't until Game 2 of the World Series on Wednesday night that Timberlake fully realized that he had made it.

Royals left fielder Alex Gordon uses JT's "Only When I Walk Away" as his walk-up song ...

... and someone pointed it out to Timberlake on Twitter:

Now, every Royals fan worth their salt knows that there's no bigger JT fan on this planet than Royals Game 3 starter Jeremy Guthrie. Seriously, just check out the dude's Twitter picture (above). So, when JT chimed in on the matter, Guthrie was quick to explain that, indeed, Timberlake had officially arrived.

We always knew he'd see his name in lights, one day. (And we could have guessed that the Royals got their swell on to "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays".)