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Trade Deadline madness: Actor Ken Jeong speaks after being acquired by Dodgers

Actor Ken Jeong speaks after being acquired by LA

On Trade Deadline day, chaos breaks out across the Major Leagues. General managers, who are usually smartly dressed professionals who only eat things like kale salads, become crazed lunatics running on coffee, chapstick and one hour of sleep. They're desperate to make the move that will either help the team make a run for the playoffs or improve the system with an eye on the future. 

It also leads to some pretty wacky deals -- like when the Dodgers recently acquired Hangover and Community star Ken Jeong. Though not even Ken Rosenthal was on this tip, it must be true as Jeong gave an interview at Clayton and Ellen Kershaw's PingPong4Purpose charity event held at Dodger Stadium on Thursday night. He even made sure to check off all the right baseball axioms along the way. 

Said the actor: 

"I'm real excited just to bolster the comedy roster of the team for the postseason. I think I'm focused and I think I'm humbled -- just ready to do a lot of fart jokes, I got my joke on ... It's not about me, it's about the team."

It's the first time that an actor has been traded since ... Will Ferrell's shocking 11 moves in one day during Spring Training. 

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