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Mike Trout is Kevin Durant's favorite non-basketball athlete

Durant, like everyone, loves Trout

We already know that Angels outfielder Mike Trout has a fan in the Oval Office, but now it turns out that his reach extends to NBA MVPs as well.

Yes, Oklahoma City Thunder forward and Nationals logo tattoo-bearer Kevin Durant loves him some Mike Trout. I mean, it makes sense -- Trout's one of the best at his sport; Durant's one of the best at his sport. It just fits.

Furthermore, in 2012 and 2013, Durant was beaten out for the MVP award by one of the most dominant players of his generation. Who's that sound like

Of course, Durant went supernova this year and locked up his first MVP win, and Trout's certainly in the running for MLB's version -- his Angels currently have the inside track on the first Wild Card spot while the Fish God himself sits atop the Wins Above Replacement leaderboard.

So: Does Durant's MVP campaign bode well for a similar breakthrough for his favorite non-NBA athlete? We shall see.

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