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Tired of being too cool, Kevin Gausman got LASIK and won't be wearing his goggles next year

For an entire generation of kids, especially those with glasses, Chris Sabo was a hero and a fashion icon. His trademark rec specs were proof that, yeah, you could be vision impaired and still be totally rad. 

And while the look of modern goggles have changed to more closely resemble something closer to TACTICAL VISION WEAR rather than Jerry Lewis' glasses in "The Nutty Professor," they still offered a glimpse of a player who was willing to stand out from his teammates and show off his lack of 20/20 vision. 

Well, that club got one smaller for next year: The Orioles' Kevin Gausman got LASIK eye surgery. I suppose I do have to commend him on not wearing goggles without a prescription just to keep up with his #brand. Though, according to the pitcher, the change was perhaps done for a real, job-related reason. 

However, just because Gausman got eye surgery, it doesn't mean that he won't have any kind of covering over his eyes. After all, perhaps they upgraded him. Personally, I'm hoping to see this in April: