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Kevin Kiermaier channeled his inner Mike Trout to scale Camden Yards wall and steal a home run

In 2012, center fielder extraordinaire and all-around destroyer of worlds Mike Trout set the bar for home run thievery by treating the Camden Yards fence like a jungle gym:

Trout catch

But times change. A new crop of youngsters is always on the rise. No crown is ever safe. And during the Rays' 6-3 win over the O's on Monday, Rays center fielder Kevin Kiermaier -- himself no stranger to ridiculous grabs -- found himself chasing a Manny Machado fly ball to deep right-center, and took the opportunity to offer his own interpretation of "The Trout":

Kiermaier catch

The catch helped Tampa move to within 3 1/2 games of Texas for the second Wild Card spot. And Kiermaier's pitcher, Chris Archer, appreciated the moment for the mic drop it was (either that, or he's auditioning for the Keanu Reeves biopic):

Archer reaction

And according to Statcast™ Kiermaier covered a full 63 feet: 

Kiermaier was later forced to leave the game with a mild ankle strain. But his heroics got us thinking: Which catch is king? Trout seems to have gotten higher, but Kiermaier went truly full extension. Let's go to the tale of the tape:

So, Trout or The Outlaw? You decide: