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Kid Cudi throws first pitch in Cleveland, meets childhood idol (their mascot, Slider)

Kid Cudi throws first pitch in Cleveland

People of the planet Earth probably don't remember anything about Scott Mescudi's short-lived HBO series How to Make it in America besides the fact that it was trying so freakin' hard to be Entourage: Brooklyn.


Yes. Yes we can.

You could also knock the control, because Mescudi -- aka Kid Cudi, a lifelong Indians fan -- bounced his first pitch to the plate Tuesday at Progressive Field.

Seriously, though, Cudi's a well-rounded artist who proudly demonstrates that Cleveland rocks. His Man on the Moon album was ev-er-y-where back in '09. Plus, look how excited he was to meet Slider:

And How to Make it in America did introduce the world to Aloe Blacc, so it had that and Lake Bell going for it, right?

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