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This adorable little kid hugging his dad after a big strikeout is a reminder of what baseball's all about

We are all this little kid hugging his dad after a K

In case you forgot that baseball is America's pastime -- the one constant through all the years -- let this adorable little Royals fan remind you. He was watching Game 1 of the ALCS from a seat down the third-base line at Kauffman Stadium on Friday night. Or, more aptly, he was watching the game from his father's arms as his dad stood in front of a seat down the third-base line at The K.

When Royals relief pitcher Kelvin Herrera reared back and grabbed some of the nastiest cheddar he could muster to strike out Blue Jays second baseman Ryan Goins to end the seventh inning, the kid celebrated, pondered the moment for a second, and then used the opportunity to hug his dad:


When you're done aww-ing at that moment -- and after you've oohed-and-aahed at Edinson Volquez's incredible two-hit victory -- do us a favor and call your dad or your mom or your brother or whomever it is you grew up sharing baseball with.

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