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Kirk Herbstreit has been a Reds fan since the days of Dave Concepcion

Kirk Herbstreit has very distinct images of who he emulated as a young athlete growing up in Southwest Ohio.

Kenny Anderson? Archie Griffin? Cris Collinsworth?

No, no, no. Try Dave Concepcion.

An avid Reds fan and self-proclaimed "baseball junkie," Herbstreit, ESPN College Gameday analyst and former Ohio State quarterback, idolized Concepcion as a kid.

"I even tried the little one-hop bounce to first base," Herbstreit said while attending Game 3 of the NL Division Series at Great American Ball Park. "I did it because he did it."

Herbstreit even wore uniform No. 13 in honor of his baseball hero.

"I'm just a junkie," Herbstreit said. "I'm literally one of those guys that can watch baseball from early April all the way through, and enjoy every second of it. Even when they're not good, I still listen and I still follow. So for them to get to this, is like, ridiculous."

-- Alyson Footer /

Photo courtesy of USA Today

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