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Know how we know that Matt Harvey is really 'The Dark Knight'? It says so on his bats

Matt Harvey using custom 'Dark Knight' bats

Mets ace and MLB Dark Knight Matt Harvey started the 2013 All-Star Game for the National League, but he hadn't started a regular-season game in 593 days before he took the mound for the Blue and Orange on Thursday.

But if you thought the Batman references applied before ... 

Before you call shenanigans and declare Christian Bale or George Clooney (kidding) your one true Batman, know that we've uncovered definitive proof that Harvey is the Dark Knight.

Close-up of Matt Harvey's Batman bat swag. #Mets

A photo posted by Anthony DiComo (@anthonydicomo) on

That's right: it says so on his baseball bats. It might as well be etched into the Gotham courthouse at this point.

UPDATE 4/19: Need more proof? Now Harvey's bats speak in the only language we need: Batman logos. 


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