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Kole Calhoun is attempting to homer against every Cy Young winner in baseball

Calhoun has homered against four Cy Young winners

Cy Young Award winners think they're really good at pitching. They think they can just plow through the league -- striking out batters, throwing shutouts and giving up zero runs. It's almost unfair, right? What about the batters? What about the dingers? 

Well, never fear, homer-happy baseball fans, because Kole Calhoun is here. Four of the Angels outfielder's last five home runs have come against Cy Young winners

Aug. 21 against David Price (2012 winner): 

Aug. 29 against Corey Kluber (2014 winner):

Sept. 7 against Zack Greinke (2009 winner):

Tuesday night against Clayton Kershaw (2011, '13 and '14 winner):

Calhoun still has a chance to take down Felix Hernandez this month and, after that, who really knows? Will he defeat the remaining eight active winners by next season? Will he go back in time to hit home runs against Cy Young during each year he pitched? Will he have Roger Clemens, the all-time leader with seven Cy Young wins, pitch him the actual trophy so he can obliterate that out of the park? 

Only Kole "Cy Young Destroyer" Calhoun knows for certain.

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