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'Kolten Wong is a dangerous cat,' and other sentences from Don Mattingly Mad Libs

Let's play Don Mattingly Mad Libs

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly has a particular way with words. During Monday night's Game 3 loss to the Cardinals, Mattingly hinted that Cardinals second baseman Matt Carpenter may in fact be the ghost of Stan Musial and described Kolten Wong as a "dangerous cat."

And then Tuesday, he mentioned giving Carpenter the ol' "Texas bow tie," which may sound like a random collection of words but is actually a pitch Nolan Ryan learned from Satchel Paige. 

It's not often you hear such inventive language from the dugout, which got us thinking … perhaps Mattingly is using his own version of Mad Libs? Might we suggest MattingLibs?

Example: Kolten Wong is a ______________ (adjective) ______________ (animal).

Donnie could've landed on "dangerous cat," or "purple lion," or "contemplative peacock." That's the fun. Or, in the case of Carpenter, Mattingly went to his word bank for "Cardinals legend who routinely crushed it". 

Let's play a round with a few hypothetical comments from Mattingly regarding the news that Yasiel Puig won't be starting in Game 4:

DON MATTINGLY: "Center fielder Yasiel Puig won't be starting tonight's game. We'll miss his _____flammable_____ (adjective) style of play, but Andre Ethier gives us a real ____ice cream____ (noun) to win. As we've learned from the first three games, the Cardinals aren't a  ______porous______ (adjective) _____gaggle______ (collective animal noun) to beat, but we'll _____whisk_____ (verb) our best. We'll be facing Shelby Miller on the mound, a ____crispy_____ (adjective) pitcher who knows how to use his ____earlobes_____ (body part). OK, let's go out there and get that ____pumpkin pie_____ (desirable noun)."

Fun, isn't it? Keep it up with the colorful vocabulary, Don. 

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