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Kyle Farnsworth is now an All-Star defensive lineman on a semi-pro football team

Former MLBer Farnsworth is now a defensive lineman

Kyle Farnsworth played 16 seasons in the Major Leagues. He was a solid reliever for much of his career and one of the few that could top the 100-mph threshold. The 39-year-old stopped playing baseball after the 2014 season, but, thanks to SB Nation, we've learned he is not yet done with competitive sports. He's currently starring as a defensive lineman for the Orlando Phantoms in a semi-pro football league. Seriously, check out their roster here.

Farnsworth has recorded a sack in every Phantoms game except for two, leads the team in tackles and has been selected to the Florida Football Alliance All-Star team. Go get 'em, Farnzy. We knew you had it in you.

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