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Late Night host Seth Meyers celebrates the start of the MLB season with a visit to Yankee Stadium

Late Night host Seth Meyers visits Yankee Stadium

A noted baseball fan, Late Night host Seth Meyers knows that one of the best ways to celebrate the start of the MLB season in New York City is to head up to The Bronx for a visit to Yankee Stadium. So, on Wednesday, he did just that.

As Meyers so eloquently explained: "It's April in New York City, it's [bleep] freezing, which means it's time for some baseball!"

The Red Sox fan got the full behind-the-scenes tour of the ballpark. He had some fun as the public-address announcer, coming up with a new password for the Yankee Stadium wifi: "YanKeE19jjJj257[email protected]#!yaNke."

(Remember to note the bolded seven.)

And with "Heat," a locker-room attendant, Meyers suggested a few songs the Yankees could play in the clubhouse after losses -- including "Cotton-Eyed Joe," or as he calls it, "the most depressing song ever written."

Meyers even convinced YES broadcaster Michael Kay to fulfill a dream of his: hearing today's games called in 1940s radio style.

"He walked up to the plate, this Beltran guy. He had a bat that went on for days and cleats that could cut your heart out."


To get a behind-the-scenes look at Meyers' behind-the-scenes tour, check out the video below:

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