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Stephen Colbert sings national anthem to open 'Late Show' with Jon Stewart dressed as ump

Jon Stewart dresses as ump to intro Stephen Colbert

Now that his long run as the host of "The Daily Show" is over, we can only assume that Jon Stewart is spending his days cheering on his beloved Mets and trying to crash Jerry Seinfeld's lunch date with Yoenis Cespedes.

On Tuesday, though, Stewart took a break from his busy second act to help introduce America to the new host of "The Late Show," Stephen Colbert. Colbert replaced David Letterman on CBS' late night show, and the premiere episode opened with a clip of Colbert singing the Star-Spangled Banner at different locations across the country.

After Colbert and Co. landed the last note, Stewart removed his umpire's mask, revealed his true identity and ceremoniously yelled, "Play ball!" Stewart seems to have a bit of a head start on his Mets postseason beard, and we can't say we hate it.

The "Late Show" open wasn't Colbert's first brush with America's pastime: Way back in 2011, Colbert beat MLB experts at "Beat the Streak" (thanks for nothing, Kevin Youkilis) and was awarded the reins to the @MLB Twitter account for a full 24 hours. It went exactly as well as you'd expect: