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Learn how to properly pronounce the hardest-to-say names in the Minor Leagues

Learn how to pronounce hardest-to-say prospect names

I barely know how to speak. I mean, sure, I can kind of hold a conversation (kind of). But come to a word that has even the slightest chance of multiple pronunciations, and I'll surely get it wrong. I mean, I was calling Paul Maholm, "Paul Ma-Hall-Mey" for about two years. And that wouldn't be right in any universe. 

So when Jonathan Mayo spoke to some prospects with the hardest to pronounce names in the Minor Leagues, I was thankful. Because it turns out that Garin Cecchini's name is pronounced "Cha-kini" -- like "bikini" -- and Cory Spangenberg has a 'g' sound like in 'sponge" instead of whatever horrible mangled pronunciation I would have gone with. 

So watch, commit to memory and impress all your friends when you can proudly say these player's names instead of quietly mumbling them and hoping no one notices that you've called Mike Foltynewicz "Mike Faulty-new-ices."