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LeBron James spotted at Marlins Park, with more hair than you might expect

With Miami temperatures peaking at 92 degrees on Wednesday, you could feel the heat at Marlins Park -- not to mention the Heat. Two-time NBA champion LeBron James was on hand to watch the Fish take on the Dodgers.

Besides serving as a testament to LBJ's local pride, these ballpark photos help put a recent Internet rumor to rest. Earlier this week, pictures from a trip James took to the Philippines in July surfaced online -- revealing that he'd shaved his head.


Some speculated (hoped?) that this could be a permanent farewell to his famously receding hairline, but these shots prove that the look was only temporary.


Honestly, he should go for it. Baldness has worked wonders for the likes of Michael Jordan, Walter White and Britney Spears circa 2007.

(h/t Eye on Basketball)

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