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Let 30 broadcast crews give you 30 reasons to watch every MLB team this year

Reasons to listen to every broadcast crew in 2015

Question: Is there anything better than watching MLB games with local broadcast crews?

Answer: There are very few things, if any, that are better than watching MLB games with local broadcasters. It's just like watching the game with your dad, or uncle or grandma -- anything can happen. Someone could even lose a tooth.

To prove our point, here are 30 team-by-team reasons why watching every MLB game with the local crew is the best -- you know, like you can do with MLB.TV.

1. When five-tool phenom and reigning AL MVP Mike Trout belts a no-doubt, walk-off home run, you'll want to hear the excitement in Victor Rojas' voice.

2. Stay on top of the latest fashion and hairstyle trends with the Athletics' broadcast crew.

Crisp hair

3. Remember when Jose Altuve passed Craig Biggio for most hits in a single season with the Astros? Well, the broadcast team for the 'Stros marked the occasion.

4. Or when Buck Martinez provided the exclamation mark to Jose Bautista's 19th-inning walk-off hit for the Blue Jays?

5. Meanwhile, Don Sutton and Co. in the Braves booth will be the first to tell you to just expect this kind of athleticism from Andrelton Simmons.


6. Tune in to watch the Brew Crew as legendary broadcaster Bob Uecker regales you with tales of homering off Sandy Koufax.

7. Sit in awe with the Cardinals' crew as outfielder extraordinaire Peter Bourjos shows exactly what it means to "flash the leather."

8. Feel the excitement when a new Cubbie bursts onto the scene with game-winning power.

9. The guys in the booth for the D-backs stay on the edge of their seats, so they'll be ready to alert you when David Peralta is stealing home.


10. And when Clayton Kershaw pitches a no-hitter, let the familiar, iconic voice of Vin Scully contextualize the greatness. (Trust him, he's seen it all.)

11. Is it hard to imagine Big Time Timmy Jim's 2014 no-hitter without the color analysis from Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow? It should be.

12. When Lonnie Baseball goes off and hits three dingers in one game for the Indians, do you want some other team's broadcasters making the call?

13. What about when the Mariners stave off mathematical elimination with a walk-off win in Game 162?!

14. Or when one of the trio of young stars patrolling the Marlins' outfield showcases their talents with the game on the line?

15. Bartolo Colon is a 41-year-old pitcher with 158 career at-bats. How many more doubles do you think the guy has left in the tank?


16. Listen, the season is 162 games long, and you're gonna be kickin' yourself if a Nationals' September callup makes a diving catch for the final out of a no-hitter and you have to find out about it from Glenn from accounting on Facebook.

17. Be in on the joke when the Orioles walk off and Adam Jones pies the local audio guy.


18. Freak out with the Padres crew when rookie Corey Spangenberg makes his first career home run a walk-off at Petco Park.

19. Cackle along as Phillies broadcaster Tom McCarthy catches an opposing home run in the booth, and throws it back:

20. Find yourself caught off guard as the Pirates turn three the old-fashioned way.


21. When the going gets tough ... MLB teams ask position players to pitch, and there's no one more capable of highlighting the hilarity of the situation than the Rangers broadcast crew.

22. And when the lights go out at Tropicana field, the voices of Dewayne Staats and Todd Kalas will be your safety blanket.

23. If the Tooth Fairy couldn't tune-in to the Red Sox broadcast team, how would she know to leave a quarter beneath Jerry Remy's pillow?

24. Be rendered speechless when Reds speedster Billy Hamilton pulls some Matrix moves to evade a tag


25. When the Rockies come from behind in dramatic fashion, get the inside scoop on what powered them to victory from the hometown folks who know them best.

26. The hot, dog days of summer can be tough to get through, but fear not because Rex Hudler and the rest of the Royals broadcast team will be sure to lighten your spirits with some physical comedy.


27. Were you watching when Rajai Davis launched a walk-off salami for the Tigers? Dan Dickerson sure was.

28. Oh, and the Twins broadcasters are here to remind you that Billy Hamilton isn't the only one with some slick moves on the base paths.

29. If a Cuban sensation and future AL Rookie of the Year hits a walk-off grand slam for the White Sox, but you're not listening to Hawk Harrelson yell "YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD," does it make a sound?

30. And when you bid farewell to a future Hall of Famer who has been the face of the Bronx Bombers for two decades, you're going to want the iconic voice of the Yankees to be making the call:

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