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Let's all wish Chipper Jones and Carlos Beltran a very happy birthday

Happy birthday to Chipper Jones and Carlos Beltran

We know you're familiar with Chipper Jones. Even if you're not a Braves fan, there's no way you missed any one of his 2,726 career hits (good for #58 on the all-time list) or fell asleep from 1996 to 2012, during which time Jones cemented his membership in the .300/.400/.500 club

Even the international community knows Jones -- he played in the very first World Baseball Classic in 2006:


So, people around the world, break out the cake and presents, because it's time to celebrate Larry Wayne Jones', aka Chipper's, 43rd birthday. Let's start by watching his final home run (number 468 of his career):

Wait, what? Carlos Beltran, what are you doing robbing hits from Chipper? Oh, it's your birthday too? Happy 37th, Carlos!

In fact, Beltran also played in the inaugural World Baseball Classic:


And has joined plenty of rarefied numerical clubs of his own, including the 300-300 club, which means he's hit at least 300 homers and stolen 300 bases in his career.

Chipper, Carlos, we're proud of both of you. We should just go ahead and enter this day in the pantheon of great baseball birthdays. If you're having a baby on April 24, consider signing them up for Little League now.

And of course, here's that home run we promised you:

Why not take this one too? 

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