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This diehard White Sox fan spends his days wearing opposing teams' uniforms

Thousands of high school baseball players dream of one day donning a Major League uniform and running out in front of 40,000 screaming fans. John Meehan, 17, of Chicago's South Side, has done just that for almost two seasons now. But the lifelong White Sox fan just hasn't been able to wear his favorite team's jersey.

Most fans aren't aware that the person handling batboy duties for the visiting club is the same person each series -- just in a different uniform. By the end of this season, Meehan will have sported 19 different uniforms - and never donned White Sox gear. 

"It's a little different," Meehan said. "I haven't been tempted to sabotage anything though."

While it may seem difficult to help out the clubs hoping to defeat the White Sox each day, Meehan stays professional and takes his job seriously. He's even grown to like and respect one player that most White Sox faithful can't stand to see in the batter's box. 

"Joe Mauer is a really nice guy," Meehan said. "Always talking, keeping everything going."

Meehan gets to keep the hats the visiting teams provide him, which he mixes and matches based on his outfit for the day.

"I probably like Houston's uniforms the best. Bright and colorful," he said.

His least favorite?

"The Cubs."