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Episode 17 of the Cut4Cast: Ichiro and Chris Bosh should be BFFs

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We learned a lot about baseball this week: We got to enjoy a new set of Will Ferrell-themed baseball cards. We discovered whose walk-up songs are truly the best in MLB. We even found out that David Ortiz and Rob Gronkowski are coffee-loving BFFs.

On this week's episode of the Cut4Cast, Dakota Gardner, Gemma Kaneko and Ian Kay got to thinking -- which other cross-sport athletes might secretly be best friends? Could baseball cards use a bit more information? And what other aspects of baseball would be improved with musical accompaniment?

If you want to skip to your favorite topic, here's a guide to the episode: 

3:33 -- Which other baseball happenings need background music?

13:20 -- What other stats or info would you like to see printed on baseball cards?

23:50 -- Which MLB players are secretly BFFs with other non-baseball athetes?

And when you tune in, you can figure out why we said things like this: 

Dakota: "Shout out to Bruce Vilanch."

Gemma: "This is building ideas! This is how this works! This is a think tank now. It's officially a Cut4 think tank."

Ian: "Only scouts can quantify hugs."

Gemma: "Cut4Cast slogan: Math doesn't capture love."