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Episode 23 of the Cut4Cast: The Cut4Cast Has No Trade Value

Listen to Episode 23 of the Cut4Cast

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With Friday's non-waiver trade deadline at the top of everyone's mind, the Cut4 staff decided to dive into the most pressing issues of the day: Namely, what if one of us got traded?

Being traded can be a big deal, you know. You have to say goodbye to your fans; if you have a no-trade clause, you have to decide who to waive it for -- it's a lot of moving parts that have to come together in not a lot of time. You never think it'll be you ... until it is.

Dakota Gardner, Gemma Kaneko and Matt Monagan tackled these important matters and more on this week's episode. Here's a guide to help you find your favorite topic:

7:10 -- Which trade are you most excited about?

15:32 -- Which teams would you waive your no-trade clause for?

25:25 -- How would you say goodbye to your fans?

If you listen, you'll find out why we said things like this:

Dakota: "The lesson there is: Never do the reading ... Don't read -- don't worry about the consequences of not doing your homework."

Matt: "Steez? Steez is a real word? Never heard of it ... Steez. I like that. I'm gonna start using it."

Gemma: "I'm gonna be a little Yoko Ono fluxist about this."