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Listen to Keith Hernandez's best sighs and groans from Sunday's 18-inning game

Keith Hernandez's best sighs from Sunday's game

No matter where you lived on Earth or what your sleep schedule was, chances are you were awake for at least part of the Mets-Cardinals 18-inning marathon of a game that went on for roughly 8,000 years (or just under six hours, depending on how you measure time). 

And while you could get up, have a snack and take a nap during the game, Keith Hernandez was in the press box watching and commenting on the whole thing. Though even he could not help but express his desire to "trade places" with a sleeping fan and his hope that they could "send out for food" because he was "starving." 

It's OK, Keith. We've all been there while on the clock. Just be glad you weren't covering this one