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Listen to Larry King, James Van Der Beek and other celebrities discuss their softball-playing abilities

Listen to these celebrities discuss softball skills

With the absence of "Battle of the Network Stars" on TV, the Dodgers made sure to fill the American populace's need for celebrity competition with a celebrity softball game this past Saturday afternoon. It featured everything you would have ever wanted from a game


- Blink 182's Mark Hoppus playing softball for the first time in his life. 

- WNBA legend Lisa Leslie arguing balls and strikes.

- Mark McGwire pinch-hitting for Larry King and flying out to Landon Donovan. Yes, you read that sentence right. 


Before the game, talked to a few of the players and learned some fascinating information. Namely that Larry King would shockingly embrace softball sabermetrics and use some extreme infield shifts (perhaps he just finished reading "Big Data Baseball"), Clark Gregg's Marvel Studios character, Phil Coulson, would play on the infield for a SHIELD softball team and that Alan Thicke needed to be moved to second base to accommodate his throwing arm. 

As for their chances of signing on with a big league team coming out of the event, James Van Der Beek (son of former Dodgers farm hand ... James Van Der Beek) admitted that "unless it's another celebrity softball team, probably not." 

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