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Little League World Series pitcher gives up grand slam, is way too impressed to be upset about it

Many wonderful things happened on Friday. Mike Fiers threw the first no-hitter for the Astros since a combined no-no in 2003. MadBum hit his fifth home run of the season. Chris Sale bewitched us with his magic on the mound. But the most wonderful thing of all happened in Williamsport, during the Little League World Series.

Pennsylvania was already ahead of Missouri, 14-0, in the top of the third inning. Cole Wagner, Pennsylvania's first baseman, had already homered once in the inning. The bases were loaded, so Wagner went ahead and did it again.

You might expect the opposing pitcher to be just a teeny bit demoralized by giving up a grand slam. But Missouri's Mekhi Garrard was just the opposite. He watched Wagner's blast like the fireworks show it was:


Mekhi Garrard, you are an example for everyone. Let us all take this much joy in every single part of the game. 

If you want to watch his full reaction (and you absolutely do), click here for video. 

h/t: Eye on Baseball