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Longoria, Stanton and other MLB stars 'whip it good' as DEVO in ESPN The Magazine's 'The Music' issue

ESPN The Magazine's annual music issue comes out this month with Brandon Phillips, Giancarlo Stanton, Evan Longoria, Shane Victorino and Justin Upton recreating DEVO's legendary 'Freedom of Choice' album cover because, well, actually it's unclear why.

The ballplayers had everything from the sparkling spandex pants to the (energy dome?) LEGO hats the New Wave band has sported on-stage since the '80s. Here's a behind-the-scenes video of the guys talking about their experience during the shoot. 

They seem to have pulled it off pretty well, but Phillips looks a little scrunched and Victorino's hands are a little too high up. C'mon, fellas -- shape it up, get straight ... whip it good.

Image courtesy of ESPN The Magazine  

-- Matt Monagan /