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Looking for doorbusters and hitting the gym: How MLB players spent Black Friday

Here's how MLB players spent Black Friday

It was the calm before the storm.

MLB players, like everyone else, spent Thursday celebrating Thanksgiving with family, friends, food and their Twitter followers. But as relatives bade farewell, leftovers were stowed in refrigerators, elastic waistbands were donned and the sun set on Thanksgiving, the moon rose on another holiday: Black Friday.

How did MLB players spend the day after Thanksgiving?

Some were just looking for the best deals:

Maybe Slama should have checked out Phil Klein's gas station:

Other players held Black Friday offers of their own:

Joba Chamberlin used the occasion to promote a good cause:

And a few players forewent the doorbusters in favor of working off some of those slices of pie:

Don't let #blackfriday derail you. #ri5eabove #notimetorest #beafitkid @cargomedia5 @nike @nikebaseball @beatsbydre

A photo posted by Carlos Gonzalez Sports Ent. (@cargobaseball) on

And if you ended up coming home with a big screen TV, just know you're not alone: