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Lorenzo Cain's mind-bending first-to-home speed sends Royals to second straight World Series

Cain's speed sends KC to second straight World Series

Remember playing Sonic the Hedgehog and zooming your way through entire levels? It felt good. You felt fast. 

But you knew you could never do it in real life. You weren't a blue hedgehog and humans just don't possess the ability to move that quickly. 

Well, most humans.

After drawing a walk in the bottom of the eighth inning of ALCS Game 6 between the Blue Jays and Royals on Friday night, Lorenzo Cain was probably already thinking about breaking the 3-3 tie. He had home on his mind. And when Eric Hosmer singled to right field, it was home Cain went -- looking more like something out of a video game than the reality you and I live in:

According to Statcast, Cain went first-to-home in 10.5 seconds with a top speed of 20.7 mph. His quickness is right up there with some of the best in the league and the first-to-home route is something he perfected throughout the regular season.

The play gave Kansas City the lead, but George Brett still looked incredibly nervous:

At least until Wade Davis retired the Blue Jays in the ninth:

To send KC to its second straight World Series:

Tune into FOX on Tuesday for Game 1 of the Fall Classic against the Mets (7:30 p.m. ET airtime, with game time slated for 8 p.m.).

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