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Lou Ferrigno (aka the Incredible Hulk) threw out the first pitch in Philly

Lou Ferrigno played The Incredible Hulk in the late 1970s TV encarnation of the character. On Thursday night, he was in Philadelphia to toss out the first pitch.

To get ready, Ferrigno made sure he had a firm grip on the ball:


Wow, he looks like he's ready to Hulk out in that Phillies jersey:


Ferrigno made his way to the mound, looking as Hulk-y as possible:

Then, he threw out the first pitch:

He was clearly having fun:


According to Phillies reporter Leslie Gudel, it didn't go so well:

But she still got a picture with him:


He said his pitch was low because he didn't want to hurt his friend, the Phanatic:

Don't tell him his pitch was bad. You'll make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry (although, it looks like the Phanatic doesn't mind):


-- Dakota Gardner /

(images w/ Phanatic via AP. All others, Jenn Pirri / Real-Time Correspondent)

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