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Louisville and Indiana to square off in excellent throwback uniforms

While Louisville and Indiana may first make you think of their respective basketball programs, given that March Madness is going on and all (10th-seeded Indiana lost in their first game while 4th-seeded Lousville next plays on March 27), their baseball programs don't want to be forgotten. 

That's why, when the two teams face off on Tuesday night, they'll be wearing these duds. The Hoosiers are going with a classic cream uniform with beautiful stirrups, while the Cardinals are rocking a blueish-gray shade that hasn't been seen in decades. 

While I have no quibble with either sartorial decision, if Indiana wanted to go in a different direction they could have taken inspiration from their most famous Major League graduate: Sleeveless Ted Kluszewski.

Ted Klusewski

(h/t CBS Sports