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Love home runs? Opening Day was an all-you-can-eat buffet of glorious dingers

In March, the Associated Press put an end to so-called clichéd vocabulary like "dinger" and "bomb" when describing a home run (but we're still going to use them, because dinger is such a fun word). Thankfully, it did not put an end to home runs themselves, because on Opening Day, there were a lot of 'em. And we mean a lot

Here is just a taste of the hambones/zingers/that's-outta-here-no-doubt-about-its that filled Monday's action:

J.D. Martinez got things started, going yard against the Twins:


Andrew McCutchen had some late-game heroics …


… until Todd Frazier put an end to the Pirates comeback with a homer of his own:


Hanley Ramirez hit two, one of which was grand:


Mike Trout did his thing, again:


And Bryce Harper added one:


Which he celebrated in his usual style:


We could go on. And on.

If this pace keeps up, we just might run out of synonyms.