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Lunch with MLB.TV is pretty popular

Let's go over the top Twitter trending items for Tuesday:  

  • President Obama. Yup, our president. People like to talk about the president because he's our president.
  • IHOP. It's National Pancake Day, which means free pancakes at IHOP. But honestly, IHOP should really be trending every day. Pancakes are really good.
  • Light Iced Coffee. It's a solid beverage if you're both warm and in need of a caffeine kick.

Oh, and there it was -- #MLBTV4Lunch at the very top. held a contest around lunchtime coinciding with the launch of MLB.TV 2013 in which lucky fans could win free subscriptions to the live game streaming service by guessing the meaning of various cryptic images. Turns out that was pretty enticing, and the trending topic zipped to the No. 1  spot.

There you have it, folks -- free baseball triumphs over free pancakes for at least one point in Twitter time.