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Photo of the Day: This enormous Madison Bumgarner bobblehead is absolutely terrifying

Photo of the Day: Terrifying giant MadBum bobblehead

Madison Bumgarner is a very talented man. He can pitch, he can hit homers and, apparently, he can haunt you in your sleep. Seriously, is that bobblehead terrifying, or what?

The Giants cruised into River City on Monday fresh off MadBum's 14-strikeout shutout for a three-game set with the Cardinals. Two Giants fans posed for the above photo with a giant (hehe, get it?) Bumgarner bobblehead worthy of its own movie in the "Chucky" franchise.

Sadly for these fans, though, the Cardinals weren't as frightened by the bad juju brought on by the monstrosity: They manufactured a run in the eighth inning to best the Giants, 2-1.

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