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Manny Ramirez somehow took 30 seconds to complete latest home-run trot

As the latest installment in our ongoing coverage of Manny Ramirez's adventures in Taiwan, we're pleased to bring you this video of his third homer -- and subsequent run around the bases -- for the EDA Rhinos.

As of April 22, Larry Granillo's Tater Trot Tracker reports that the shortest and longest home-run trots of the 2013 MLB season are 16.96 seconds (Peter Bourjos) and 28.36 seconds (Ian Kinsler). The fastest run around the bases in recent memory took only 13.8 seconds, a feat achieved by Billy Hamilton in a Minor League game last July. The slowest (non-injury related) trot of 2012 was Bobby Abreu's, clocking in at 31.56 seconds in September.

Manny's run -- technically, it's more of a stroll -- took 30 seconds. That's 30, three zero. Half a minute. You might be wondering how that's possible, and if you are, you're not alone. For your convenience, we've broken the footage down.

0:02 -- Manny swings and connects.

0:06 -- Manny watches the ball rocket to left field, then gently tosses his bat aside. It's not like he has anywhere to be.

0:14 -- Manny rounds first. He finally gets around to reading Infinite Jest.

0:19 -- Manny is halfway between first and second. He takes up woodworking.

0:22 -- Manny is even with the shortstop. He gathers kindling, distills a small supply of drinking water and makes camp for the night beside the mound. It's many hours yet until sunrise.

0:25 -- Manny rounds third. He walks off the field, out of the stadium, all the way to his car in the parking lot. He drives to Taoyuan International Airport. The next flight to the Dominican Republic has two layovers, one in Seoul and one in New York, but he doesn't mind. 35 hours later, he finds himself in his grandparents' living room in Santo Domingo. They're doing well. They're glad he had the chance to visit.

0:32 -- Manny crosses home plate. Actually -- does he? It's kind of hard to tell. Could this be the longest home-run trot of all time ... on a technicality? (Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes.)

-- Molly Fitzpatrick /