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Marcus Stroman needs a little help reaching the soap dispenser

Stroman needs a little help reaching the soap

Marcus Stroman stands 5-foot-9. And while that doesn't sound very short if you're the average American male, only six pitchers played in the Majors last year who were that height or shorter, with Tim Collins being the shortest of all at 5-foot-7. 

But Stroman doesn't let his smaller stature get in the way. After all, in his rookie season, Stroman went 11-6 with a 3.65 ERA and throws this absolutely devastating sinker. 

Stroman sinker

I mean, I'm pretty sure that pitch breaks the laws of physics. It's so pretty, let's look at another one: 


Ooof. But no matter how good Stroman is on the mound, his height still presents some issues. Like when reaching for the soap dispenser: 

The most important takeaway from all of this is simple: No matter how difficult it is, you must wash your hands after using the bathroom. Good on Stroman for helping stop the spread of germs. 

This has been a Cut4 PSA.  

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